Artist    Hisako Inoue

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Hisako Inoue

 Hisako creates interactive art spaces where the atmosphere is designed (as an “art installation") by using materials of scent and sound in art museums, galleries, and she also do workshops, where she uses concept involving “smell and memories”, which can take place anywhere depending on the specific program or environment, culture and history, participants’ behavior and any influences from seasonal or weather conditions. Almost a decade since 2007, she has been more involved with creating workshops, an experiment in which the individual’s opinions and feelings, in relation to the workshop’s concept, is able to be shared and discussed for hours among the group. So it is not only workshop with participants activity, but also it means dealing with “an artwork and collective memories" in her creation. Then, within the group we can understand and recognize each other’s reactions, feelings and spirit, directly. Participants can share what each specific “odor cue” has unlocked in their own memories or imagination with one another, showing how colorful and vivid each person’s response and reaction differs from person to person.

If we want to understand each other’s reactions and responses, we should have an active conversation about our emotional associations to the real fragrance and compare it with past memories and experiences, as a sign of placing trust in each other’s personal experiences.


 One of the most popular programs in her workshop is "Kun-kun walk", this workshop be held on various environments, for example, art museums, public parks, urban cities, elementary schools, universities, some companies, etc…, where each time the participants differ and are from various cultures.

*Japanese people often say that using expression "kun-kun" is an onomatopoeia, which is a word or sound that phonetically imitates and suggests the source of the sound that it describes. “Kun-Kun” would be English equivalent to “sniff-sniff”.


 Since 2012, she has collaborated with many specialists ranging from environmental researchers, biologists olfaction researchers, deaf and blind people. Her future vision is expanding now, and hopefully, she would like to create a new style of communication and take this program to many countries all over the world.

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